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Procurement Appeal Board
12 June 2023 Share Tweet
Procurement Appeal Board was created under the Public Finance Act. The members were appointed by H.E. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on 12th April 2023. The role of the Board is to look into cases, where the unsuccessful bidder believes evaluation process was not conducted fairly.


  • Uz. Ismail Amir

    Chairperson / Ministry of Finance

  • Uz. Adam Miqdhad

    Vice Chairperson/ Ministry of Finance

  • Aishath Nashath

    Member / Ministry of Finance

  • Nuhaad Mohamed Rashad

    Member / Ministry of Finance

  • Rizana Ali

    Member / Ministry of Finance

  • Moosa Rasheed

    Member / Aasandha

  • Abdulla Ali

    Member / Private Sector