Treasury and Public Accounting Division

Ms. Hawwa Safna

Chief Funds Executive

Head of Treasury & Public Accounts Division

Treasury and Public Accounting Division is responsible for the preparations of state financial reports. Additionally, implementation and strengthening the “Centralized payments system” is a key function of the division. The preparation of the state cash flow and its execution by managing the government expenditures based on its revenues is another important work of the division. Furthermore, preparation of the incomes reports of the state and taking measures to collect government’s receivables; reporting and controlling of all public funds; and engaging in investing state funds are important functions of the division. The division also ensures that the government revenues are collected, or recorded, or spent, or invested in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and ensures that government assets are procured, or safely maintained, or used, or sold, or disposed, or retired in line with the applicable laws and regulations.

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