Export Import Bank of China
23 May 2020 Share Tweet

The Export-Import Bank of China (EXIM China) is a state-owned policy bank of the People’s Republic of China, with the status of an independent legal entity. It is a bank directly under the leadership of the State Council and dedicated to supporting China’s foreign trade, investment and international economic cooperation. With the Chinese government’s credit support, the Bank plays a crucial role in promoting steady economic growth and structural adjustment, supporting foreign trade, and implementing the “going global” strategy. The Bank offers financing such as concessional financing and preferential export buyer’s credits. 

The first loan from EXIM China to the Maldives was in 2010 for the development of housing units in Hulhumale. Since then, EXIM China has supported the country in the areas of housing, transport, and infrastructure, mainly in the development of Hulhumale island. EXIM China also supported the construction of the China Maldives Friendship Bridge, which opened on 30th August 2018, and connects Male’, Hulhule, and Hulhumale. At present, the bank is involved in another mega project, the development of the Velana International Airport runway .

EXIM China in the Maldives

2016China Maldives Friendship Bridge Project
2015Expansion and Upgrading of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Hulhule USD373,838,500
2012Development of 1500 Housing Units in Maldives CNY982,500,000
2010Development of 1000 Housing Units in Hulhumale CNY481,000,000

Website link: http://english.eximbank.gov.cn/en/