Corporate Affairs Division
29 December 2018 Share Tweet

Ms. Aishath Fazla


Acting Head of Corporate Affairs Division

Corporate Affairs Division performs a variety of supportive functions to achieve the organizational goals and ensure smooth running of the Ministry. It consists of 6 sections as stated below.

Executive Secretariat Section

Executive Secretariat Section is accountable to all affairs of the Minister and other political appointees of the Ministry and provide relevant assistance to those officials.

Administrative Section

Administrative Section is responsible for all the daily administrative as well as ad hoc tasks ensuring the smooth running of day to day operations of the ministry.

Human Resource Section

Human Resource Section is responsible for all affairs related personnel management.

Legal Affairs Section

Legal Affairs Section is responsible for providing timely legal advice in the dissemination of the functions of the ministry.

Finance and Accounts Section

Finance and Account Section is responsible for maintaining the accounts and budget of the ministry.

ICT Section

ICT Section is responsible for the maintenance and uninterrupted operation of the central servers including SAP as well as the any other extemporary issues that incur in relation to ICT.

Public Finance Development Service (PFDS)

Public Finance Development Service (PFDS) is responsible for reforming the public finance and modernizing the work procedures into the most efficient and technologically enhanced mechanisms. Key initiatives by the unit so far includes the establishment of the Call Centre and the Bandeyri Portal.