Abu Dhabi Fund for Development

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), which was established on 15th July 1971, is an autonomous national entity affiliated with Abu Dhabi government. ADFD aims to help developing countries to achieve sustainable socio-economic growth; through financial assistance in the forms of loans, managing government grants and equities. ADFD also peruses investments in order to encourage the private sector in the recipient countries to play an essential part in accelerating the economic development process, and at the same time playing a pivotal role in strengthening and diversifying the future resources of the Fund. The main sectors the fund supports include agriculture, electricity and water, health care, housing, industry and transport. 

The first loan from the ADFD to the Maldives was in 1976 for the Satellite Earth Station Installation project. The ADFD has since then supported the country in transport, housing and infrastructure, energy and environment projects. Additionally the Fund is currently co-financing one of the mega projects of the country in the development - the Velana International Airport Project.

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