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Minister & Executives
16 April 2023 Share Tweet

Mr. Ibrahim Ameer

Minister of Finance

Appointed Date : 17th November 2018

Senior Executives

  • Mr. Ismail Ali Manik

    Minister of State for Finance

  • Mr. Ahmed Shareef

    Minister of State for Finance

    Responsibilities: Internal Audit, since 28 Jan 2019 Procurement Policy, since 2 Mar 2020 National Tender, since 15 Aug 2021

  • Mr. Mohamed Azad

    Accountant General

    Responsibility: Oversees government treasury & public accounts

  • Uz. Anas Abdul Sattar

    Minister of State for Finance

  • Mr. Ahmed Iman Moosa

    Deputy Minister of Finance

  • Ms. Mariyam Manarath Muneer

    Deputy Minister of Finance

  • Mr. Ashjau Mohamed Shaheed

    Senior Executive Director

  • Ms. Fathimath Salaha

    Chief Internal Auditor

  • Mr. Ahmed Siraj

    Permanent Secretary

    Responsibility: Overall in charge of all civil servants of MoF

  • Dr. Mohamed Faizal

    Secretary General – National Pay Commission (NPC)

    Responsibility: Oversees the Secretariat of NPC

  • Ms. Hawwa Fajuwa

    Chief Public Accountant

    Responsibility: Consolidated State financial reporting Public Accounting standard settings

Department Heads

  • Ms. Mariyam Shahida

    Director General

    Head of Corporate Affairs Department

  • Uz. Ashraf Rasheed

    Senior Legal Counsel

    Head of Legal Affairs Department

  • Ms. Mariyam Abdul Nasir

    Chief Debt Management Executive

    Head of Debt Management Department

  • Mr. Mohamed Naiz

    Chief Information Officer

    Head of Information Communication Technology Department

  • Mr. Ahmed Saruvash Adam

    Chief Financial Budget Executive

    Head of Fiscal Affairs Department

  • Ms. Maeesha Ibrahim

    Chief Funds Executive

    Head of Treasury and Public Accounts Department

  • Ms. Hawwa Safna

    Chief Procurement Executive

    Head of Procurement Policy Department

  • Ms. Fathimath Rishfa Ahmed

    Chief Procurement Executive

    Head of National Tender

  • Mr. Mohamed Yammai

    Chief Resource Mobilization Executive

    Head of Resource Mobilization