Government of Maldives and JICA signed a grant agreement to provide grant aid over USD 25 Million
30 May 2017 Share Tweet

The Government of the Republic of Maldives today signed a grant aid agreement of over USD25 Million with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).This grant aid would assist would provide for the project for the Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Network Development.

The agreement was signed by The Minister of Finance and Treasury, Ahmed Munawar and Chief Representative of JICA in the Maldives Mr.Fusato Takana at a ceremony held today.

This project will provide an Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial ( ISDB_T) television network through the Maldives, making information more accessible to residents and reducing information disparities among islands. This initiative will also advance the speedy communication of emergency warning information as a measure against climate change and to strengthen disaster preparedness.

JICA has been building a close relationship with the Government of Republic of Maldives by providing various supports including construction of seawall in Male', construction of primary schools and installation of solar panels to promote clean energy.

In addition to the Grant Project, JICA has a plan to provide a technical cooperation project to enhance broadcasters’ capability to utilize newly introduced ISDB-T system. The Government of Maldives expects to have synergetic effects from the project to deliver maximum benefits to the People of Maldives.