The Ministry of Finance and Treasury provides a range of publications including statistical releases; budget and strategy documents; and reports and analyses on economic and fiscal policy, medium-term forecasts, public debt and other topics related to public finance. The Ministry also publishes special and ad hoc publications related to its work.

Statistical Releases

Monthly Economic Indicators

Provides a summary table of key economic indicators monitored and analysed by the Ministry.


Monthly Fiscal Developments

Provides a set of tables on the summary of government finances, detailed expenditure and revenue out turns for the reporting month


Government Finance Statistics

Government finance statistics (GFS) covers all financial activities of the government as per GFSM 1986 format.


Cashflow Reports

Provides monthly cash forecasts for each month.


Consolidated Financial Statements

Annual financial statements for the Government of Maldives (GoM). The financial statements provide the records of the GoM financial performance and the financial position.


Audited Financial Statements of State Owned Enterprises

Audited Financial Statements of State Owned Enterprises.


Weekly Fiscal Developments

Weekly Fiscal Developments (WFD) provides a set of tables on the summary of government finances, detailed expenditure and revenue out-turns, and government borrowing for the reporting week. The WFD is released on every Sunday.


Green Tax Report

Monthly summary of Green Tax receipts and expenditures to and from the Maldives Green Fund.


Weekly COVID-19 Spending

Provides COVID-19 spending details by the government. The report provides a set of tables detailing spending by Business Areas and the 3 relevant trust funds for the reporting week. The WCS report is released every Monday.


Reports and Analyses

Budget in Statistics

Provides annual budget statistics.


Fiscal and Debt Strategy Report

Provides a midyear update of the economic situation, a review of budget outturn and execution in the first six month of the year and prospects for the rest of the year. It also encloses the Fiscal Strategy Statement and Debt Strategy Statement prepared in accordance with the Fiscal Responsibility Act (7/2013).


Quarterly Fiscal Developments (Discontinued)

Provides an overview of fiscal developments including expenditure and revenue.


Public Debt Bulletin

Provides the disbursed outstanding debt of the Government including guaranteed and on-lent loans, external and domestic debt breakdowns, and summary debt statistics for the reporting period.


Quarterly Report of State Owned Enterprises

In the quarterly reports, the profitability and liquidity of each company is analyzed along with the important projects undertaken in the quarter.


Quarterly Economic and Fiscal Developments

Provides an overview of economic and fiscal developments.


Occasional Publications

Bodu Bandeyrin

A historical study of the former heads of Ministry of Finance & Treasury.


Pay Research Papers

Provides a number of Pay Research papers formulated by the National Pay Commission.


Public Sector Investment Programme (2014 - 2018)

Infographic booklet on Public Sector Investment Progarmmes carried out during 2014 - 2018

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