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Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM)
19 May 2024 Share Tweet

What is GRM?

The Grievance Redress Mechanism is a process for receiving, investigating and addressing project related complaints/feedback from affected parties at project level.

Why is GRM needed?

o Encourage timely & prompt response
o Promotes transparency
o Ensure accountability
o Identify problems and close gaps effectively
o Identify recurring problems or grievances
o Secure channel for victims and whistle-blowers to seek and achieve redress

Who can submit a Grievance?

o Project stakeholders

o Project affected persons

o Aggrieved parties

o Any other interested persons

o Grievances can be submitted anonymously by anyone if they wish to

What can be submitted?

i. Can be addressed:

o Complaints/Grievances arising from project activities

o Questions regarding project activities

o Comments, Suggestions, and/or Feedback on all project-funded activities

o Grievances stemming from project staff actions

o Grievances affecting external stakeholders, including project workers and communities

ii. Cannot be addressed:

o Complaints/Grievances not related to the project

o Policies & Procedures of Government

How can you submit Grievance?

1. Telephone: MoF Help Desk number 1617 (local hotline) or +960 3349200 (international)

(Note: You can reach the MoF Help Desk from 08:00 am to 02:00 pm - Maldives Time)

2. Email: [email protected]

3. Mail/Letter:

Attention: MCGP PMU

Address: Ministry of Finance



Male’, Republic of Maldives

4. Online form: Lodge a complaint using the linked form on top of the page

Grievance Resolution Process