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The following error message appears when trying to reverse an invoice document. “Period 005/2012 is not open for account type K and G/L 511004”

2016-07-11 10:05:16|Accounts Payable

The current period and the previous month are open at a given time. The above message prompts when trying to reverse a document which is prior to these two periods mentioned. To reverse please follow the steps below.

  • Select reversal reason ’02- Reversal in closed period

  • Enter current date as the posting date

Note: Be careful when reversing a previous year document (For example reversing a 2013 document, in year 2014). The consequence of reversing a previous year document in current year is that, a budget for the reversed amount will be available for this year (current year) and the expense would still remain in previous year. Therefore always enter the correct document year when reversing a document. For instance in the above mentioned example, when reversing a 2013 document in year 2014, the posting date should be 31.12.2013.

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