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How do I proceed once I receive my initial password from SAP support?

2016-07-11 10:16:45|SAP Support

Once your password reset request has been processed, you will receive an email containing your initial password in the following format:

  1. Open up your login screen in SAP, set your Client as 800 and enter your User ID to the User field

  2. Check if your SAP is in INS mode. You can check your current mode from the bottom right corner of your login screen (image below). If you do not see the details about your current mode please click on the little triangle (arrow) at the bottom right corner of your login screen to unhide the details. Please refer to the image below

    You can also toggle between OVR and INS using the INSERT key in your keyboard.

  3. Now copy and paste the password from your mail and press enter.

  4. You will be prompted to insert a new password for your SAP account

Key points to remember when resetting your password:

  • Make sure no extra character(s) or space is copied with the password.

  • You will have only three tries before the system automatically locks the user account.

  • Make sure SAP is in INS mode.

  • The new password that you enter must be different from your most recent 5 passwords

  • Make sure your new password is 8 characters long and also contains an upper case letter, a special character and a number in it.

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