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How do I request for password resetting?

2016-07-11 10:13:05|SAP Support

The user needs to send their request to the financial executive of that particular agency for approval. The email sent by the User must consist of all the information shown in the following email sample template:

Once the email has been received by the financial executive, he or she should then approve the request and forward the email to SAP support as shown in the following sample:

Key points to remember when requesting for password resetting:

  • All emails related to the request (User and Financial executive) should belong to an official domain name of the government agency requesting for the password reset request. (example:

  • Requests sent from public emailing services like Hotmail, gmail etc., will not be processed.

  • User email should be under the name of the user and not under general names or section names like budget, finance, admin etc. (example:

  • Make sure that all details provided in the request are valid and complete.

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