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How do I solve the error message “ budget exceed” ?

2016-07-10 14:32:54|Funds Management

Check whether the funds center, fund or WBS entered in the document is correct. If it is correct Check the budget is available for the line items which indicate the budget is exceeding using the budget report.

Why does “Annual Budget exceeded by (amount) MVR (FM availibity Control) for document item 00002” error prevents posting when the individual budget line item has balance sufficient to post the invoice amount?

Budget in SAP is checked at hierarchy level ( expenditure group level) for example Allowances (212) for employees is lump sum together to check budget instead of checking budget at individual line item for example 212001 “pocket money” for operational purposes. Line agency must ensure that if individual account get exceeded to allocate budget for it in order to prevent this error occurring as individual items which does not have sufficient funds for expenditure is allowed to use surplus funds in same group of expenditure in SAP

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