• To make efforts to reduce Government expenditure and to plan the Government budget based on Government revenue, in order to prioritise the most important and profitable areas.
  • Research ways to increase and strengthen Government revenue.
  • To study the economic status of Government corporations, companies and public enterprises as well as to increase Government revenue from these bodies while closing down unprofitable bodies among them.
  • To obtain as many soft loans as possible for projects undertaken by the Government of Maldives (GoM) needing foreign aid, and to reduce foreign debt in relation to Government revenue from exports of products and services.
  • To modernise and appropriately develop the Government Employees Provident Fund, and to cultivate a sense of saving among Government and Public Enterprise employees such that an acceptable living standard can be maintained by those employees leaving or retiring from Government service.
  • To evaluate and study changes occurring in the country's economy and to advice concerned authorities about possible changes to the economic framework, while making the necessary arrangements to bring about required changes.




The fundamental purpose of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT) within the Government is to provide macro-economic stability that will ensure prosperity and a higher standard of living to the citizens of the Maldives.