Internal Audit Committee

State Internal Audit Committee, consisting of 7 members, was established under Public Finance Regulation (February 2017) to verify the reliability of Public Financial Statements, Public Bank Account and Public Funds operated in the name of the State along with establishing a system by which they can identify the risks (adverse effects to financial operations) in various operations of Public Offices and verify whether public properties and monies, accounting records of public properties and monies and the supporting documents of the accounting records are been maintained in accordance with the Public Finance Regulation.

The committee was formed by Minister of Finance on 28th February 2019

Members of State Internal Audit Committee:

1. Ahmed Shareef – Ministry of Finance – Chairperson.

2. Mohamed Azad – Ministry of Finance – Vice-Chairperson.

3. Mohamed Inaz – Ministry of Finance – Committee Member.

4. Ibrahim Fazeel – Auditor General’s Office – Committee Member.

5. Ahmed Yamin – Anti-Corruption Commission – Committee Member.

6. Hassan Mohamed – Private Sector – Committee Member.

7. Mohamed Zaeem – Private Sector – Committee Member.

8. Aishath Abdulla – Ministry of Finance – Committee Secretariat.

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